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Living the gospel helps me to be a missionary now.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth (Rom. 1:16).

Do you know any missionaries? Have you ever thought you might like to be a missionary? Did you know that you can be a missionary now? The best missionaries love the Lord, and they love other people. When we love others, we want to share with them our greatest treasure — the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We can learn in the Book of Mormon how Ammon became a great missionary (see Alma 17 – 20). He and his brothers wanted to share the gospel with those who had never heard it. Their father was King Mosiah, and the Nephites expected one of the brothers to be king after him. However, each one said that he wanted to be a missionary more than he wanted to be king.

Ammon traveled to the land of King Lamoni, a Lamanite, and volunteered to be the king’s servant. He tended the king’s flocks, he fought the king’s enemies, and he ended up teaching the gospel to the king and his people. When the king and queen understood Ammon’s message that Jesus Christ would come and redeem them from sin, they were very happy. The scriptures tell us they were overwhelmed with joy. Ammon, too, was overcome with joy. He learned that the Lord welcomes everyone who repents and believes in Him.

The Apostle Peter knew that the gospel could help sinners become righteous. But he needed to learn that the gospel is for all people. Peter was a Jew and thought that it was “unclean,” or wrong, to keep company with someone who was not a Jew. Cornelius was a centurion (army officer) for Rome, the nation that conquered the Jews. He was a good man who prayed often and wanted to do what was right. An angel told Cornelius to send for Peter to come and tell him what God wanted him to do. Then God gave Peter a vision in Simon the tanner’s house to help the Apostle understand that he should not call any person unclean.

Three times Peter saw this vision before he was prepared in his heart to teach Cornelius about Jesus Christ. When Peter taught Cornelius, the centurion believed him, and the Holy Spirit was poured out on all those who were there. What great joy everyone felt! Peter learned that the Lord loves and accepts people from every nation. (See Acts 10.)
We can be like Ammon and Peter. We can be missionaries right now by living the gospel and showing love to others. We are missionaries when we share our testimony that Heavenly Father loves all His children. Heavenly Father wants you and me to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all His children.

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Last updated: December 3, 2012

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