In the premortal life, I chose to follow God’s plan.

Primary Talks

Heavenly Father taught Moses about what you and I did before we were born (Abraham 3). Before we were born, you and I lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus and Satan and many other of God’s children. We were happy, but we could not grow. We needed physical bodies

—hold up your hand—

like the ones we have now to grow like Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father had a plan to help us grow like him. We would receive physical bodies and live in families. Satan wanted to destroy Heavenly Father’s plan.

Heavenly Father said, ” And we will prove [these children] herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them;” (Abraham 3:25)

Many people did not obey Heavenly Father. They followed Satan. You and I chose to follow Heavenly Father. We were courageous. In the premortal life, you and I chose to follow God’s plan.

I am grateful that I chose to be obedient to the Lord. I chose the right before I was born, and I will choose the right again today.

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