God has commanded His people to build temples.

Primary Talks

“Say the word temple. Say it quietly and reverently. Say it over and over again. Temple. Temple. Temple. Add the word holy. Holy Temple. And you say it as though it were capitalized, no matter where it appears in the sentence.

Temple. One other word is equal in importance to a Latter-day Saint. Home. Put the words holy temple and home together, and you have described what a temple is. The house of the Lord!” – Elder Boyd K. Packer Ensign August 1993

How many of you have been to a temple? Have you felt it’s special Spirit there? How do you feel when you see a picture of the temple? Do you feel happy? Do you feel peace?

We sing the song, I Love to See the Temple, in Primary. Do you sing it when you drive by a temple? The temple can bring peace to our minds and hearts and happiness to our souls.

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