Families in the scriptures teach me how I can strengthen my family

Primary Talks

Hannah was a righteous woman who loved God. She was very sad because she could not have a baby. Hannah went to the temple and promised God that if he would allow her to have a baby, so would dedicate him to God’s service. Not long afterward, Hannah was overjoyed to find that she and her husband were expecting a child. When he was born, she named him Samuel and presented him at the temple.
Samuel grew up at the temple and assisted the priests there. One night, Samuel heard a voice calling to him. Samuel went to the priest, Eli, and said, “Here I am.” Eli told Samuel that he had not called him and to go back to bed. Samuel heard the voice again and ran to Eli. Again Eli said that he had not called him and to go back to bed. When it happened a third time, Eli told Samuel to go back to bed. He said that the Lord was calling him and that he should tell the Lord that he could hear Him. When Samuel laid down again, he heard the Lord call to him. Samuel did as he was told and told the Lord that he was listening.

I know that I can follow the example of Hannah by asking of the Lord in Faith and Righteousness and using my blessings to serve God. I know I can follow the example of Samuel by listening to the Spirit when He speaks to me, so that I can know how to better serve God and my family.

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