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Indebted Handout Joy Card by Emily R

This is a handout I created for Young Women’s Manual 3, Lesson 28: Law of Consecration and Sacrifice I saw an example of this on the Mormonshare website, but I was only allowed to click a link to see it.  When I clicked the link it said the page was no longer available.  So I decided to take the idea and make it myself. The scripture at the begining and…
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Youth Conference Activity Ideas – Steadfast and Immovable

Youth Conference Activities Mosiah 5:15   Building Bridges (Adapted from “Activities That Teach Family Values”, by Tom Jackson) Materials: One bag of miniature marshmallows, 100 toothpicks per team, one soup can per team, a ruler Activity: Divide into teams. Give each team about 75 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks. (Leave the marshmallows out of the bag for about an hour ahead of time, so they will harden slightly and be easier…
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Search Ponder and Pray Key

teach the Beehives.  (I am a photographer that also teaches photoshop). I will try to upload handouts occasionally. I love the ideas on your website. I go to it every Sunday. I release all copyrights to these bookmarks for 2008 Lesson 30 or for anything to do with scripture study lessons. I design most of my own church handouts and will try to upload them occasionally. Thanks again, Karen Anderson

Digital Scrapping by Irene G

Hello Sister Smith, Here are some handouts I truly enjoyed digi-scrapping for my Laurels.  I hope you and many others will be able to enjoy and make use of them as well.  I usually simply send them to the 1 hour photo to develop, and viola! I’m grateful for your website, and the amazing help it’s been to me. Thank You, Sister Irene G

Worth of Souls

Dear Jenny, I have attached a handout I used for the lesson on each person is divine and eternal. The graphics are from microsoft word. I hope this makes someone elses handout easier than starting from scratch. Thanks, Laura R 1 Samuel 16:7 Matthew 25:40 Romans 12:10 D&C 18:10 Knowing the worth of souls, would you want to make even one person feel that he or she was not of…
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