Old Testament Scripture Mastery Helps

Since I’ll be teaching Old Testament in Seminary next year, I’m beginning to create a list of resources that Seminary teachers can use to help students memorize their scriptures.


Scripture Mastery Cards – Get the Scripture Mastery Cards from LDS.org

Scripture Mastery Flash Cards – At Quizlet you can create your own flash cards with audio. Someone has already created flashcards with reminders to help students learn these scripture. You can Download and print the flashcards here.

Scripture Mastery Flash Cards with Rhyming HintsStudy Stack’s OT Scripture Mastery Cards include the scripture, reference, and rhyming clue, plus it tracks whether you got the scripture correct or not. Fun!

Scripture Mastery Songs

Many students do well memorizing the scriptures using music. Here are some

Sons of Helaman – these are the ubiquitous MIDI style Sons of Helaman songs available for free all over the internet. Click on the link titled zip_songs-ot.zip at the bottom of the page to download them.

Sing it Again Scripture Mastery – Jennifer Wilson’s Sing the Scriptures scripture mastery CDs use a jazz piano style and female voice for the music. Not free.

LDS Scripture RockLDS Scripture Rock creates Scripture Mastery music CDs with a rock style. Not free, but my personal favorite.

LDS.org’s Scripture Mastery Tools

Online Memorization Tool Visit http://seminary.lds.org/scripture-mastery/memorize.asp to use the online tool for memorizing scriptures. There’s no music, but you can erase phrases of the scripture or use just the first letters as reminders.

Offline Scripture Mastery Games – You can download the Church’s games onto a computer for use in your Seminary class even if you don’t have internet access in the class. Here’s how

  1. Download the scripture-mastery.zip file
  2. Using a file extraction program (like WinZip) extract all the files to a location on your computer, preferably your Desktop or My Documents Folder
  3. Open the folder, and click on the “index.html” file.
  4. NOTE – Depending on your security settings, Windows may give you a security message preventing you from viewing the interactive programs the first time. Just go ahead and click on the yellow bar to tell your computer to “allow blocked content”.

Official Scripture Mastery App – The LDS Scripture Mastery App on iTunes is free and works on your iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch, etc)


Name that Reference – This PurposeGame doesn’t have great instructions. In order to play, you should click the “start” button in the upper right. After you click start, clues will appear in the upper right hand corner. Click the box containing the scripture reference that relates to that clue. You can get hints by clicking the dots in the bottom right of each scripture reference’s box. After I figured the game out, it was fun!


Below are some videos created by ginnywizzy on YouTube from the Old Testament scriptures by the Sons of Helaman.

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