Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation Planning Worksheets

Following are some resources relating to the Primary Theme, Sharing Time, and Sacrament Meeting Presentations.

Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation Planning Worksheet

These are some of my most popular files. They are worksheets that allow you to have the children write the Primary Presentation themselves! I love the idea of letting children express their own thoughts and testimony on the annual theme instead of having a leader write and assign parts. I think it helps reinforce the lessons taught and gets the children to really think about the messages. Plus, it takes the pressure off of the Primary Presidency for writing an entire skit from scratch.

Worksheets are available for several years’ themes:

These worksheets can be used as a template to help you write your sacrament meeting presentation.


  • Primary Songs for use in 2008 – Music is available for free download from the Church’s website in MP3 format with or without words. Some units make a CD to send home with children to practice songs with or to use for Family Home Evenings. Please follow the instructions at the link above to make sure you don’t violate copyrights when creating CDs. Your CDs may require a copyright notice.


Please share your tips on performing the sacrament meeting presentation below.

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