Who Will I Choose to Guide Me?

Object Lesson

Instruct the class you are going to invite a member of the class to reach the “Goal” through a maze of chairs in the classroom. The student will be blindfolded, but will able to choose a guide to help him/her get to the Goal (you could even use a picture of a Temple or family to use as the Goal). Blindfold the volunteer and then ask him/her to choose another class member to guide him verbally through the maze of chairs to the Goal. While the chosen guide is directing the blindfolded class member to the Goal ask these questions:

    Why did the volunteer choose person ‘x’ as his/her guide? (guide is someone the volunteer trusts, the volunteer has faith in guide, the guide is honest — You may need to point out that most guides are chosen because we trust them.) What could the goal represent? (celestial kingdom, temple marriage, Tree of Life) Who or what would make a good guide for you in your journey to your goals in life? (Savior, Holy Ghost, Prophet, scriptures)

Source: Geocities

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