We effect others.

Object Lesson

Fill a small jar 1/2 full of water and nother 12 full of clorox bleach. Our attitudes and actions do affect the atmosphere of our homes. Relate the following story while squeezing small drops of food color into the water. Mother didn’t have her normal sunny attitude (drop of yellow coloring) She was upset because morning jobs weren’t getting down. Julie was red with anger (drop of red). because her sister wore her favorite shirt without asking. To make things worse she came home from school with a large stain on the front of the shirt. Ryan was green with envy (green). His younger brother has asked the girl that Ryan had his eye on for a date. Dad came home from work tired and blue (drop of blue). His day at work had been long and hard. He was hungry and dinner hadn’t been started. Show the jar, and point out how the water has become cloudy and dark because of the attitudes and actions of others or family members. The spirit of the home is no longer pleasant or inviting. Reverse the story so it is positive and as you tell the story add bleach to the mixture. The water will become clear again.. Challenge class to improve attitute and actions so atmosphere can be pure, happy or calm. Can also be used to show sin, repentance, friendships influence, example, etc. Megan K.

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