Time Management

Object Lesson

Our YW lesson was on Time Mangagement. I arranged for our YW President to separate the girls into classes and when it came time for my lesson in the Laurel class, she used her theatrical experience :) and vocally wondered where I was. I was outside the door waiting for her to peek her head out “looking for me”. I then came running into class-with my manual in hand, slippers on, makeup bag in tow, brushing my hair. I gushed to the girls about waking up late, not having my lesson prepared because I slept in, etc. etc. I told them I thought bringing cookies would be great today but “Oh Well!” and I opened my book to “read” what the lesson was about. The girls had gaping mouths and it was hard to keep a straight face! I told the girls that I had to go to the bathroom to collect my thoughts and out in the hall, I put on my church shoes, grabbed the cookies that I HAD made, and reentered the classroom in a calm manner. The girls giggled and I went on to explain the importance of time management and continued with my lesson! It was a great attention-getter!

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