The Scriptures are a “treasure”

Object Lesson

Hold the suitcase up and tell your class members that inside this suitcase is a very valuable treasure. If they posses the treasure they will have the answers to all of the questions that they could ever have. Ask them if anyone would like to have your treasure. Hand it to the child and ask them if they feel wiser just by holding the “treasure.” Of course they say no and need to open it to see what is inside, but the lock holds them back. Offer a key and ask them to pull out the treasure once it’s opened. The child will pull out the scriptures inside their cover or carrying case. Ask them now if they feel wiser, or more special because they are carrying around the scriptures. They will say “no” and then you can lead into the comparison that just as we needed to unlock the suitcase to discover the treasure we need to open the scriptures with “three keys” – search, ponder and pray. As we use these three keys we can unlock the treasures of knowledge and guidance that await us as we read the scriptures.

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