Object Lesson

This was an object lesson I used in my Young Womens Laurel class. I had our Stake Y.W. President who lives in our ward (but you could use the Bishop or someone else) step into class just after it had started. She had 3 gift bags. She gave one to me, one to the advisor and one to the Y.W. secretary, who I had asked to come sit in on our lesson. She told us that this was a gift from her to thank us for all the hard work that we were doing. She then left. The three of us acted like we had not expected these gifts. We were very excited to open them and we each took our turn. I opened mine first. It was a bag of candy. I looked at it and said that I really didn’t like that kind of candy and I threw it in the garbage. You should have seen the look on the girls faces. The advisor opened hers and she imediately opened her candy and started to share with everyone. While this was happening, the secretary opened hers and hid it behind her. When the girls realized that they hadn’t seen what she got they asked where it was. She said that she didn’t know what they were talking about. One of the girls asked if she could take the candy out of the garbage. We then had a lesson on how Heavenly Father gives us each talents. Some of us throw them away and don’t ever even try to develop them. Some of us share them and everyone benefits, and some of us hide them so that others don’t know that we have them.

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