Steps for Repentance (Balloon)

Object Lesson

Explain that when we are free from sin we feel good, uplifted, free…like this balloon. However, when we make mistakes or choose poorly we are weighed down by our sin. As you discuss sin, place the rocks or blocks in a line in order on top of the balloon’s ribbon so that they are holding the balloon down with the label side down. Discuss the repentance process by lifting the labelled rock or block off the ribbon, reading and discussing that step for repentance until all rocks/blocks are read. Point out we have not truly repented unless we have gone through all five steps of repentance as the balloon is still held down by one rock. ( Be prepared to grab the balloon if you are in a high ceiling room once the final rock/clock is removed!) (This lesson could be likened to being burdened if we refuse to forgive, too. ~Jenny)

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