Stand in Holy Places

#dandc87 I did this little demo today to go along with "standing in holy places" ... I invited a student to come to the front. I asked him to stand on one foot. I pushed his shoulder and he easily lost his balance. Then I had him stand casually, as he normally would. Again, I pushed his shoulder. He was able to stand firmer, but was still easily moved. Lastly, I asked him to stand with his knees and waist bent and his feet apart (I described it as a sports stance). This time he stood firm and did not budge when I pushed his shoulder. I related this to standing with one foot in the gospel (easily moved), being casual about the gospel (still able to move), and being actively engaged and participating in the gospel. My friend used this analogy when this was the mutual theme. It went over really well then and again today with my class. Hope this helps someone.
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It will, thank you!
Thank you!
Great analogy, thanks for sharing it.
Something else you can add to this... Ask them to sit on the ground and then try to stand up while you are pushing down on their shoulders. When trials and temptations come and weigh us down it is difficult to suddenly stand up when you need to face them.
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