Someone in this room is being judged.

Object Lesson

Prepare your lesson on not judging. When setting up your class to teach, have a medium to large ( framed if possible) picture on an easel. Cover the picture with pretty fabric before anyone gets to see who the picture is of. At the beginning of your lesson, point out the covered picture and explain that you have a picture here of someone in your class who has been judged wrongly, and that you will reveal at the end of the lesson who it is. Give your lesson and bear testimony of what you have taught, then remind the class of the picture and tell them you will now reveal who it is that has been judged unfairly. Remove the fabric to reveal a picture of the Savior and simply say…”Even as ye have done it unto the least of these my (sisters, daughters, brethren–who ever it applies to) ye have done it unto Him” . And then close with song and prayer. This is very powerful and it is especially important that you prepare so the Spirit is there and can bare witness.

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