Sharing the Burden of Work

Object Lesson

After starting the lesson, I asked for a volunteer to read a passage from the lesson. I continued with the lesson. About half way through the lesson I told the same vonlunteer that I need her to separate and put a copy of the lesson handout in a sheet protector. I told her that I would need this done so that we could make sure the girls would have their handouts before they left. I continued on with the lesson. After a while, I asked the volunteer how she was doing. Then continued on with the lesson. As soon as she was finished I asked her to physically hand each girl a copy of the handout (no passing down). We had all three groups so there were about 30 girls. While she was doing that I continued on with the lesson. As soon as she sat down, I asked her to read a part. I had this volunteer do all the work throughout the lesson. At the end of the lesson, I explained that if I would have let someone help her with the tasks then the work would have been completed much quicker and she would not have felt the burden of all the tasks.

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