Object Lesson

I started by taking something of value from each girl and displaying it in a basket. For example: a pair of earrings or a necklace that matched an outfit, a set of scriptures with the girl’s name on it, etc..Then I explained that there are young women who don’t own or can’t afford such nice things and I am going to donate these items for this cause as I stuck a label on the basket which read “Sacrifice Basket”. I explained that sacrifice means to give up something we value for a good or better cause. Then we discussed the level of sacrifice for each girl. For example: the one who gave up her personalized scriptures felt more of a loss because they were very personal to her. The one who gave up the jewelry said she didn’t mind as much because she has other jewelry, and so on. I was able to make the point that we all will be asked to sacrifice in our lives and some sacrifices will be more difficult than others.

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