Rising above sin

Object Lesson

Begin this lesson by giving a brief explanation of what repentance is. Be sure to include the four basic steps: (1) regret for the sin, (2) abandonment of the sin, (3) confession, and (4) restitution. Display the strawberry basket, which is filled with the rocks. Each corner of the strawberry basket should have a helium-filled balloon tied securely to it. Application: Liken the stones to sins because they weigh us down. If we go through the proper repentance process, we can remove the sins from our lives. Remove the stones one by one. The basket will lighten a little as each stone is removed. Before taking away the last stone, point out that repentance makes it possible for us to rise up and reach our highest potential and live with our Heavenly Father. Remove the final stone, and the helium balloons will lift the strawberry basket to the ceiling. Source: http://www.eprimary.dk/ – (visit the Primary Object lessons section)

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