Object Lesson

Respect for Others

Start out by asking the following 2 questions. What positive contributions can I make to society? What are some contributions that others have made? Today we will talk about having Respect for Others. Have you ever heard of the word Altruism? Do you know what it means? Altruism: Concern for and motivation to act for the welfare of others. What about some of these other words? Civility and cheerfulness: courtesy and politeness in action of speech. Compassion, kindness and generosity: concern for suffering or distress of others and response to their feeling and needs. Courtesy and cooperation: recognition of mutual interdependence with others resulting in polite treatment and respect for them. Have YW complete the “Making a Difference” activity sheet. After they have completed the activity sheet, discuss their answers, emphasizing the potential worth of every person to make positive contributions to society. Making a Difference 1. What is potential? Describe it and give examples. 2. Does every person everywhere possess potential for making positive and negative contributions to society? Explain your answers. 3. What are some of the positive ways people can use their potential to enrich life in their communities? 4. What are some of the ways people can use their potential to negatively influence life in their communities? 5. What are some of the positive ways youth can use their potential to improve church life? 6. What are some of the ways youth can use their potential to negatively influence church life? 7. Do all youth have the potential for being a source of encouragement for their classmates? 8. Do all youth have the potential to discourage their classmates? Give examples. Ask YW to make a list of ways that they could better use their potential in the following areas: a. Courtesy toward each other. b. Spiritual goals. c. Respect for rules at home. d. Study habits at school e. Relationships with parents. Challenge each YW to select one way in which she will attempt to use her potential in a positive way for the next two weeks.

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Last updated: January 10, 2006

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