Relationship to Heveanly Father

Object Lesson

This is a different version of another suggestion in this category. The orginal suggested having 2 people come into the classroom while a class member is blind folded, one known to the person the other a stranger. This suggestion might work better for time constraints, a very small branch or ward where there are rarely strangers or giving a talk in front of a group: I printed up a picture of my dad (you could use a spouse or someone you speak with daily) and a picture of a man roughly the same age as my dad that I found off the internet. I asked the class that if I were blind folded and this first guy walked in (who is my dad) how would I know him? Then repeat the question for the second picture. How would I know a complete stranger? I wouldn’t. I’m always talking to my dad. He raised me to live righteously and sets the best example for me. I know him because of the relationship I have built with him. I will know my Heavenly Father because I talk with him daily through prayer and have worked to build a relationship with him.

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