Recognizing the spirit through music

Object Lesson

Ask everyone to close their eyes and listen to the music that you are about to play. Tell them to think about how the music makes them feel. Play the scary music (you can find web sites that allow you to download Halloween music and sounds for free). Play the loud music. Next, play the soft music. Let them know that when the Holy Ghost speaks to us we won’t hear an actual voice. It’s a feeling much like the feelings we get when we listen to music. Learning to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost is difficult but very important. The way we feel when we listen to the scary music is much like the way feel when the Spirit is warning us. The way we feel when we listen to soft calming music is much like the way we will feel when the choice we need to make is a good one. Compare this to the way the Holy Ghost speaks to us: sometimes loud, sometimes quiet and calming. You can also compare this to the way we recognize the Spirit: Sometimes it’s loud and obvious, sometimes it’s quiet and hard to hear.

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