Our Heavenly Father uses Prophets to teach and guide us according to his will

Object Lesson

Ask the student to hold out his fist (representing either himself or the world). The teacher then holds his fist above the student’s fist (representing Heavenly Father). Ask the student to follow the movements of your fist as you move it around and about. Pretty easy. Then instruct the student that we can not see God and therefore know not His will for us. Ask the student to now close their eyes and follow the movement of your fist. This cannot be done without seeing where you move it. Then hold a pen and instruct the student that the pen represents a Prophet. Place the pen in the student’s fist and hold the top of the pen with your fist. Ask them to once again close their eyes, then move the pen around and about, guiding the student’s hand in motion as you do so. We know our Heavenly Father’s will for us through a Prophet, but without a Prophet, we cannot know god’s will or teachings for us.

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