Modesty – remove the distraction so people will pay attention to YOU

Object Lesson

When I started teaching the lesson, I was holding a big, delicious-looking cake. I just held it in front of me while I spoke. A lot of the YW kept looking at the cake, instead of me. I said “guys – I’m trying to talk to you – please pay attention to me!” One beehive said “Can I have some of that cake?” and I said “Not right now – ignore the cake, and please just listen to me speak! Just ignore the cake!” she said “I can’t, it looks so good!” And I said – “how hard is it to concentrate on what people are saying when there is something tempting right in front of your face? If you want people to pay attention to YOU, cover yourself up – or they will only be distracted and focused on a part of your body, instead of YOU”

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