Jesus is the Son of God (Making a Puzzle)

Object Lesson

Cut a picture into 20 pieces to create a puzzle. (The picture caan be any picture of Christ, but a picture of his birth would work great.) Give all the kids in your class an even number of puzzle pieces.

Ask each child to tell the class something they know about Christ’s birth. Once they share one thing, have them put a puzzle piece up on the board.
Keep going until they finish the pieces, or until they can’t think of anything else. If they don’t finish putting up the pieces, share any other important details about Christ’s birth until all the pieces are up on the board. Give the kids time to arrange the pieces so that they know what the picture is.

Especially help the children understand who Jesus’ parents were. (Mary and Heavenly Father, not Joseph) Discuss why it was important for his mother to be mortal and his father to be immortal. Compare how Christ’s birth was different from ours because of who his parents were.

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