How strong is your foundation?

Object Lesson

I have 2 small drawstring bags, one filled with Legos and one filled with junk (broken Popsicle sticks, small rocks, broken hunks of concrete, twigs, etc.) I have 2 children each come to the front of the room, in view of all, and build a house out of their materials, so we can then compare the different “houses”. Our good, carefully thought out decisions are like the legos. If we make a good choices, we have a strong, healthy, safe future and life. If we make poor choices, our building materials are poor, and we end up with a shaky future that won’t take more than one shake to send it toppling to the ground. Questions to ask: Which house do you want to live in? How can you make choices that will result in strong testimony? Source: – (visit the Primary Object lessons section), additions by Jenny Smith

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