Holy Ghost is a Comforter

Object Lesson

I brought a comforter from home and talked about how the Holy Ghost is the Comforter. Then I held up a small wall hanging I had made using the attic windows quilt block and talked about how each of these ‘windows’ could represent a different role of the the Holy Ghost (Comforter, companion, etc.) and as she grew in the gospel she would learn more roles and open more windows of knowledge. See John 15:26 – Comforter testifies of Christ, was promised to disciples; see also D&C 21:9. D&C 88:3 – Comforter we receive at baptism is the same that was promised to Jesus’ disciples at Jerusalem. D&C 39:6 – Comforter is essential part of Gospel plan, received at baptism (is the baptism of fire), showeth all things, and teaches things that bring peace; see also Moses 6:58-62 D&C 21:9> – Comforter testifies of the mission of Jesus Christ, including atonement and resurrection. Moroni 8:26 – Comforter fills us with hope and perfect love. D&C 31:11 – Comforter will tell us what to do and where to go. D&C 90:11-16 – Comforter helps missionaries, helps us learn languages and things from good books, helps with administration of church (Source: Christy’s Clipart, with some additions by Jenny Smith)

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