Game – Armour of God Game

Object Lesson

Each piece of armour protects a specific part of the body for a reason. Breast plate the heart and lungs – which represent the love and breath we have in wanted to live the gospel because we love it and need it. It is the reason why we do anything that is right in the sight of God and is righteousness. The belt and girdle cover our loins and represent purity in thought and action and truth in what we say and how we act. It represents truth. The Shield should be big like a roman shield to protect the whole body. Faith in Heavenly father and his plan for each of us will stop sin from getting in and weekening our resolve to do what is right. The shield has to be faith. Feet are shod in the shoes that take us through life as we walk in Jesus Footsteps we publish the gospel and walk the walk. Feet shod in the gospel of peace The helmet protects the head and the knowledge that we are children of our Heavenly Father who loves us and we love him. Because he sent his sone to die for us and our trust in the plan of salvation. Make the drawings simple and have a timed race to see how many stick men you can armour with the armour of God.

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