Following the shepherd keeps me safe

Object Lesson

Study (in advance) John 10:1–18. Tell the children to sit anywhere in the Primary room. Explain that the room is like a sheepfold and their teacher is their “shepherd.” If they will listen and follow their shepherd’s voice, they will learn a lot this year. Have each shepherd call out his/her class by each child’s name. Then have the children follow their shepherd along a path of “danger spots,” such as pictures of cliffs, swift water, a desert, a ravine, wild animals, a wrong path, poisonous weeds. At each spot, ask them to name and discuss a danger spot in their lives today, or list a problem on the reverse side of each picture. Examples: dishonesty, Word of Wisdom problems, lack of reverence for sacred things, violence, profanity, problems in the media. When everyone has completed the path, discuss John 10:1–18.

For additional help, see the following from the Friend: “The Good Shepherd,” Sept. 1995, pp. 48–IBC, and “His Little Lamb,” Dec. 1997, p. 18.

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