Object Lesson

Feed My Sheep

While introducing the lesson to the class, display the basket of goodies where all in the class can see. Start eating the contents of the basket and show extreme enjoyment of eating each morsel you put into your mouth, without offering anything to anyone else. (ensure no one helps themselves). While you continue to enjoy eating, ask each girl in the room to share what they love about the Gospel. Once each has shared their love, explain: As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, we are privilaged and blessed to partake of the fruits that only the Lord can bless us with. There are many, who are not members, that observe the way we live, what we say and do, and they often recognise the countenance of one that loves the Lord. And often without knowing it, they long to partake of the kind of happiness that only the Lord can provide. Scripture Ref: John 21:17 ‘…Feed my sheep.’ Christ asked his disciple Peter, ‘Lovest thou me?’ and Peter answered saying, ‘Yea Lord; thou knowest that i love thee’. Christ then answered him ‘Feed my sheep’. Then ask, ‘How much do we really love the Saviour?’ no need for anyone to answer. Repeat the scripture and replace Peter’s name with your own and then offer and share the basket of goodies with each girl.

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Last updated: November 30, 2006

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