Faith Paper

Object Lesson

Read Ether 12:6 or any faith related scripture. After reading hand a piece of paper to each of the students and say to the class that you now want to test their faith, then tell them that they have to make a hole with the piece of paper big enough to fit themselves through it! Some laugh or say its impossible. Let them have a go for a while. Sometimes they get it most times they don’t. Then do it yousrself, its easy here are the instructions(you can do it in front of the class or while they are trying do it, you can do it without them seeing or have one prepared before class): 1. Fold the paper in half 2. Starting at one side of the folded paper. 3. Rip downwards from the folded edge but not all the way.(about 1cm from the edge) 4. Then rip the paper from the opposite end beside your last rip, again not all the way. 5. Repeat riping from opposite edges untill you end up at the other side of the paper. (You might want to try this before the class.) 5. Your last rip must be from the folded edge. 6. Then open the paper rip carefully the middle joining parts of the paper, you then get one huge hole. Okay so after they are amazed at your skills at papering, you can then teach the class ” ye receive no witness untill after the trial of your faith” or other related topics.

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