Faith like a seed

Object Lesson

Show the seed and read the following story: “The Bible, or another book of scripture at my father’s place at meal times, was the order of the day in our home. He would read a chapter aloud and lead the discussion. “But one day as we assembled for our meal, there was no book of scripture but a single watermelon seed. He appeared not to notice the missing book but recalled something he had discussed concerning faith several days ago. We all joined in on the lively discussion. “Then very carefully he picked up the watermelon seed and held it so we could all see it. ” ‘Boys,’ he said, still studying the seed. ‘Do you believe that there is the possibility of several watermelons here in my hand?’ We all agreed there was. ” ‘Do you believe that I have the beginnings of a whole wagon load of watermelons here?’ “One of the older brothers said that he couldn’t say that, but he’d like to plant the watermelon seed and see. We all agreed with him. ” ‘Boys,’ Father said with a twinkle in his brown eyes, ‘you have the right idea. You have faith that watermelons will come from this seed but with out your work of planting and caring for this seed you will never know for sure. James 2:17 ‘Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.’ ” This would make a good attention getter at a Primary or youth activity where you have a lesson on faith and serve watermelon as a refreshment, or refer to Alma 32. Source:

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