Don’t let in the flies

Object Lesson

Items Needed:
A fly swatter

Lesson Idea:
Show the fly swatter and ask your family what it is.  What is it for? (Killing flies.)  What other insects can we swat?  Why do we use fly swatters?  (To keep our homes cleaner and to be free from annoying insects.)  What are things in our spiritual lies we can and should swat?  Read Mosiah 4:30

If we allow flies to fly freely in our homes, what could happen?  (They would lay eggs, there would be more flies, more disease.)  What happens if we let our thoughts fly freely without watching them?  What kind of thoughts should we swat?  (Negative, immoral, angry, vengeful, mean, etc.)  Discuss ways to keep our thoughts positive, moral, kind, etc.

Isaiah 55:7
Matthew 15:17-20
Mosiah 4:30
D&C 88:69

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