Object Lesson

(This makes a 3-D snowflake. Better directions can be found on the internet, if needed, but this is how I used it. here’s one site it can be found on

When a man becomes converted (square off an 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper & cut off excess), if he is truly converted then he allows God to change change him (fold twice – corner to corner). It’s important that he be truly converted & holds tight to his convictions because the process of true conversion can be difficult or trying & brings trials that will test his choice. (cut 3 slits in paper towards the fold). But as he holds true to his convictions (unfold paper & tape corners of smallest slit together to form a tube shape), he discover
changes have occurred (tape next slit corners opposite side as the 1st one was taped). He discovers that he has become a small part of something beautiful & joyous (tape last slit corners on same side as 1st slit); truly an instrument shaped by the Lord’s own hands. His joy becomes overflowing as he is joined by others. (Make 5 others & connect them at bottom tip(center) & on sides leaving gap where 6th one will be).

This was used discussing Alma the youngers & sons of Mosiah’s true conversion, there trials among the Lamanites, & Ammon’s expression of joy in chap. 26 after the meaning conversions. Concluded with v. 12-13, & 16.

We can experience this same joy if we become truly converted & hold tight to our convictions. “God can do more with us than we can with ourselves so we ought to let him.” (as quoted by Thomas S. Monson)

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