Clean Home/Dirty Home

Object Lesson

Before class make sure you have access to another room including your regular one. In your regular class room you will need to spread a bunch of paperballs and torn up paper all over the floor. I also had chairs laying on the ground. I wrote on the board “How does our surroundings make us feel?” The girls will enter in wondering what happened. Eventually lead them to a new room that is done up really nicely. I had a tablecloth set up with a plant and a framed picture of Christ. I had another table with a nice plate of cookies and flowers. I also borrowed some Relief Society padded chairs for them to sit in. I had the girls discuss the differences they felt as they entered each room. The point was one room made brought unpleasant feelings while the other made them feel “at home.” (See D&C 88 119-126 “establish… a house of order” – Jenny)

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