Bound by Satan

Object Lesson

Items Needed:
A cloth to protect the wrists

Lesson Idea:
Ask for two volunteers. Have one tie the other’s hands with the rope (over the cloth as not to cause injury or pain). What are things the tied up participant can’t do in this condition? What are things that can tie us up spiritually? What do they prevent us from doing or becoming?

When we sin, we restrict our freedom (freedom to feel worthy, freedom to feel happy, etc.). Satan’s desire is to blind us and lead us down to hell. He can only do this if we let him. Encourage the participants to be wise and stay away from activities that will tie them up; don’t play with the “ropes” of evil.

Isaiah 52: 1-3
Matthew 22: 1-13
2 Nephi 1: 13
Moses 7: 26

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