Bambi’s Mother

Object Lesson

This is a great object lesson for older kids that won’t be hurt by the reminder of what happens to Bambi’s mother. Cue up the video to the part before Bambi and his Mother go into the meadow. Show the video but stop it before the hunter comes. When you stop the video, ask the kids what they would tell Bambi (or his Mom) if they could. Usually the kids say that she needs to get out of there. Ask them how they know what will happen next. (because they’ve seen the movie before) Explain that the prophet has “seen the movie” and he has important warnings for us. This object lesson can also work if you use Snow White and the witch with the poison apple. I tamed it down for younger kids by talking about the Three Little Pigs and the wolf. We talked about how the prophet tells us to build a house of bricks.

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