Armour of God

Object Lesson

Pretend like the glass of water is the world. Have the class give examples of sin in the world (smoking, swearing, not telling the truth, etc.) As they are giving examples, shake pepper into the glass of water. Talk about the advice given by prophets to be in the world but not of the world. Take your index finger and put it in the water. Let the class see that it is VERY hard not to become “of the world” (the pepper will stick to your finger) Then wipe off your finger and talk about the armour of God. Tell the class how it can protect you from the world if you put on the “whole armour of God” (D&C 27:15; Eph 6:11) Explain to the class that the sandwich bag is the armour of God. Discuss things we can do to put on the whole armour. Rub your finger in the bag with the dish soap (also a bar of soap will work but not as good) Then place your “protected” finger in the glass. (all of the pepper is repeled from your finger and none sticks to it when you pull it out)

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