Anger Bounce Back at you

Object Lesson

After having a discussion with the students on what makes us angry, we searched Alma 20:8-15 for reasons why King Lamoni’s father became so very angry with his son. We discussed reasons he may have been angry and then we discussed ways to avoid being angry. We read a few scripture references that give guidance on not allowing anger to control you.

I then showed them several balls of different sizes and made of different materials. I told them that they all bounce. Some bounce higher, harder, farther, and with greater force than other balls. I told them that their anger was like a bouncy ball.

I asked for a volunteer to come up to the front of the room. I gave them a green bouncy hard ball and had them bounce it the entire time I read the following story… pausing at significant points to emphasize the drama of the story. The story is entitled Anger Bounces Back by Jed Layton and is found in the New Era Jan 2006 24-25.

When we got to the part where the author is about to throw the ball out of the window, my science students were alert and aware of why this was not a good idea.

It was a very captivating way to get their attention on how anger bounces back.

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