Abrahamic Covenant

Object Lesson

I’m teaching lesson 5 for the Family History class. I’m using a handout already on your website for the portion on WHO Abraham is (Title: Abraham Isaac Jesus – Valiant Handout). Then I used that format to make the 2nd page/flip side to show the covenant with Abraham. Column 1 says, “Abraham’s posterity may always have: the blessings of the gospel (temple photo), the blessings of the priesthood (Pres. Hinckley photo), the blessings of eternal life (Christus photo) Column 2 says, “Responsibilities of Abraham’s posterity: Keep the commandments (scriptures), endure to the end (pioneers), Believe in Jesus Christ (Jesus), Be spiritually minded (thoughts-actions-habits-character diagram), and marry in the temple (family in front of the temple photo)

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