Young Women’s Activity Roll Checklist


Attached is a YW activities Roll sheet for leaders to print to keep roll at their activites. This roll will help them track what activities help fulfill the Personal Progress girls and what girls were in attendance to fulfill that goal.  As I am very new to this YW leader calling, and I do not know very much about your website….I’m not sure what section of your website this ‘activity/personal progress roll’ will best fall under. Please post it where you feel it is best suited. Thanks!


“activities roll.pdf”

I have found that there are many of our YW activites that count towards the girl’s personal progess goals. This being the case, we wanted to start keep roll at our activities so that when we were signing off on their personal progress we could tell who participating in completing a particular goal that was met during our activity. So I have created an ‘activity roll’ that has spaces to write in your YW girl’s names, as well as the date of the activity, description of the activity, and what personal progress goal the activity helped to fulfill. This way you will be able to say that your activity for the week helped fulfill the goal for “Faith #2” and then be able to see which girls attended and can get that goal signed off. Good luck!

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