Young Women Theme Subway Art posters

I got inspired by the Relief Society Declaration Subway Art shared by a visitor and decided to try my hand at creating subway art, too.

Mercy’s sake — it’s TIME CONSUMING!

It took me about 3 hours to make this version of the Young Women’s theme in the subway art style. The image has nearly all the words of the theme on it. Attached you’ll find poster versions in both letter and tabloid sizes.

The picture below is printed on tabloid (11×17 inch) paper using regular ink jet inks. The 12″ ruler is tossed in just to show scale.

Since it took so long to make, I’m including several versions of it and I am creating some cards and clipart out of the image as well. I’ve made negative, color, and grayscale versions.

Please remember that this image may not be used on any item you will sell. I will take legal action against those who violate my terms. Do not tamper with the MormonShare link on the image. You’re getting it free, and I deserve credit for my work.

I hope you enjoy these posters!

If you use them in your Young Women’s classroom, please send email a picture to @– I’d love to see them in use!

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