Why settle for just a chip?

Here is Trudy’s description of this handout:

    For this lesson I made chocolate chip cookies to give out at the end. At the start of the lesson I put out a plate of chocolate chips and told the girls at anytime during the lesson the could come up and grab some choco. chips, a few of them jumped up immediately to grab some, I stopped them to tell them they needed to understand fully what would happen if they took the chips now… I had something else for them but they would have to wait for the end of the lesson to get it, but if they took any chips they couldn’t have my mystery item. I wouldn’t confirm that it was cookies, but they were pretty sure it was. I would remind them during the lesson to grab some chips now if they wanted. They are always hungry so it was so hard for them to stare at that plate of chocolate and not grab one. Oh and I put it on a cute plate and said something about how cute the plate was and are you sure you don’t want a little handful?

    The cute plate was representative of how Satan serves up sin on a pretty plate so will take it. I pointed that out to them at the end after I gave them the cookies and summed it up and encouraged them to always ask themselves if a choices they were making were ones that would be chips or cookies.

Thanks, Trudy!

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