Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman

I have recently been asked to sing at the funeral of a dear friend, and I want to share the music and the experience with you. She was my visiting teaching companion and a wonderful example of service and temple work. She befriended me from the start when I moved into my new ward in Hawai’i, and I grew to admire and love her dearly. 

She planned her whole funeral service herself before her passing and she asked for a groups of mothers dressed in white to sing prelude hymns in parts:

  1. 293: Each Life That Touches Ours for Good
  2. 316: The Lord is My Shepherd
  3. 301: I am a child of God
  4. 318: Love at Home

She then wanted the song “Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman” from Psalm 31, performed at the beginning of the program. With funerals everything is last minute, and there isn’t any time to order music online and wait two weeks for it to arrive. It took some searching, phone calls, alot of luck, and my mother finally found a copy of a piece by Wanda Palmer that I think is the one I need. My amazing pianist helped me learn it in one practice. It is a beautiful piece, I’m surprised I have never heard it before, and that I couldn’t find a recording of it anywhere online. It would make a lovely addition to any Young Women’s Value night, or Relief Society activity or presentation.

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