Visiting Teaching Conference: Little Red Hen

My sister shared the following information from a successful visiting teaching conference she was a part of.  I’m posting the outline flyer, and skit based on the story The Little Red Hen.

We had a VT Conference during church today.  I thought you might want to put this on your website.  Everything is electronic.  We did the skit (attached), which was printed out in color.  Each person held a sign (similar to a Neshoba County Fair sign) with their name and a picture of their character on it.  We had a handout of a 4″x4″ graphic with the Little Red Hen and our RS theme for the year.  Each handout was stuck to a sticker.  There was another email sent with this, which I’ll send, too.

Hope everything is going well.

Here is a copy (attached) of “The Little Red Hen” Reader’s Theater that we’ll be presenting at the Visiting Teaching Conference on Sunday.  And your assigned parts.
We’ll present this at the beginning of the conference to introduce all of you as supervisors and also to spearhead a group discussion about the challenges of visiting teaching. . . and the triumphs!

Please respond to this email and let me know whether or not you will be there – so I can find someone else to read that part if I need to.
(Melissa – I know that you’ve been released but since you have been a supervisor would you mind reading one of the parts??)

NARRATOR –  me  (remember, the narrator reads everything in italics so if it’s in italics – “said Sister Duck” – I’ll read that part)


DUCK – Melissa S

COW – Dorothy J

PIG – Judy S

SHEEP – Dorothy B

GOOSE – Dorena R

DOG – Paula F

CAT – Louella C

Happy Practicing!!!  The format of the document is kind of weird.  It’s meant to be printed double sided and folded like a book.  You’ll figure it out.

Thanks for everything.  I have a new calling in the Primary Presidency now so I will be released as the Visiting Teaching Coordinator.  I have really enjoyed this calling.  Thanks for all your help and work.
See you Sunday!


Brief Introduction of the program, VT supervisors, etc.  (5 minutes)

Little Red Hen Reader’s Theater (10 minutes)

  • – this is just a fun and silly way of addressing some very REAL challenges in visiting teaching.  I’m using it as a way to introduce the supervisors (who will all be participating) and to spearhead a group discussion about sisterhood and the challenges of visiting teaching. . . as well as the TRIUMPHS!  I have enough copies of the play for everyone.
  • – I’ll have you read the LITTLE RED HEN part.  (so be prepared with your theater voice and acting skills!  just kidding.)  I’ve attached a copy so you can read through your part ahead of time. The format is kind of weird because it’s meant to be double-sided and folded like a book.  You’ll figure it out.

Group Discussion (10 minutes)

  • – the challenges of visiting teaching and solutions.
  • – Visiting Teaching triumphs and inspirational moments

Presentation on the “basics” of Visiting Teaching by Dorothy J (5 minutes)

  • What a Visiting Teacher does.
  • What being a Visiting Teacher means.

My Testimony of Visiting Teaching (5 minutes)

Bishop’s talk on the importance of Visiting Teaching (5-10 minutes)

After the bishop is done speaking, I’m just planning on turning the time over to you.  Depending on how much time we have at the end (we may not have any), it might be nice to just give the sisters a chance to mingle – find the people the visit teach – set up appointments – etc.  I never feel like there is enough “get to know you” time at church.

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