Universal Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Poster

This is a universal Book of Mormon scripture mastery poster for use in your Seminary classroom.  This poster is different than what I’ve done before in that I am going by scripture mastery passage instead of student.  Each scripture reference is represented by the text of the passage written on the “sealed” portion of a set of plates.  Students will write their name on the blank area of a set of plates when they have memorized a scripture passage.

I’ve decided to do the poster this way because I think this is a better way for displaying scripture mastery pasages in the classroom.  This poster shows me as a teacher WHICH PASSAGES we need more work on (those with fewer names), rather than WHO needs to focus more on scripture mastery.  Frankly, there are just some students who can not or will not pass off passages.  That’s okay, but as a teacher, I need to be able to focus on those passages that need work during class, and this is an easy way for me to keep track of which passages need emphasis.  This poster is not intended to help students track scripture mastery — it’s all about me! :)

Additionally, this takes the embarassment and competitiveness out of scripture mastery.  Some students are into the competition, but I would rather foster a feeling of team work (“let’s fill up this poster”), rather than pressuring individuals (“Jimmy will never win at scripture mastery”). I’m hoping it will help reluctant students participate more willingly, rather than feeling that I’m trying to pressure or shame them into scripture mastery.

The “universal” part of the Book of Mormon scripture mastery poster means that you don’t have to put any names on the poster.  If you’re like me, it’s just a few weeks until Seminary starts and the Bishop hasn’t given you a class list yet.  With this poster, it doesn’t matter if I end up with 12 or 20 students, I’m all set.

This poster measures 2×3 feet.  Yes, FEET.  You will need to have it printed at a shop that does “engineering prints”.  Engineering prints cost about $3.50 per print at Staples on the 2×3 foot size (July 2013). 

There is a letter-sized 8.5 x 11 inch version here also.  I don’t recommend it for classroom use, but you could print out individual sheets for students to track their own progress privately.

This  poster is available below as a PDF or EPS.  Your print shop should be able to handle either.

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