Time Capsule – Page 1

This is part of a time capsule idea we created for a young women’s class mutual activity.

On sheets of heavy acid-free card stock, I printed a set of the 3 time capsule pages up for each girl, cutting each along the gray lines. I left the larger white sections blank for the girls to write something on they wanted to remember that wasn’t included in the forms.

Included in the time capsule are the headings:

    About me in the year ______ (has space for lock of hair)
    Current Favorites
    Current Dislikes
    My signature
    My Favorite Candy (because candy wrappers change over time)
    My Favorite Scripture
    I Hope I Never Forget
    The Worst
    The Most Exciting
    A Spiritual Lesson I learned last year

We bought little containers from the dollar store for the girls to fill with trinkets and these cards. We also took a digital photo of the class the previous Sunday, and put the names of each girl and the year on it. We had the pictures printed at Walgreens for 30 cents each.

Click on the time capsule link below to see all the pages.

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