The Prophet Joseph Loved Children by Clark Kelley Price

3 Nephi 9:22; Moroni 8:17
Wherefore, all children are alike unto me; wherefore, I love little children with a perfect love. Moroni 8:17

Joseph Smith tried to keep all of Heavenly Father’s commandments. He wanted to be kind to everyone, especially children. Joseph knew that Jesus Christ wants all His disciples to have the faith and humility of little children (see 3 Nephi 9:22). Joseph taught the people about God’s love for children (see Moroni 8:17) and showed them, through his example, how to treat children.

Joseph loved to be around children and often took time to play with them or help them. One girl, Margarette Burgess, remembered a time when Joseph Smith helped her and her brother, Wallace. They were walking to school on a very muddy road when they got stuck in the mud and could not get out. The harder they tried to get loose, the deeper they went in the mud. They grew very frightened and became worried that they would be forever stuck in the muddy road. They began to cry.

The children saw Joseph coming from his store. He pulled them out of the mud, put them on drier ground, and cleaned the mud from their shoes. The prophet talked to them kindly and used his handkerchief to wipe the tears from their faces. Soon Margarette and Wallace stopped crying and were able to go off to school.

Joseph Smith loved children and enjoyed playing with them and helping them. He taught the people about God’s love for children and showed them how to treat them. For example, one day a young sister and brother got stuck in a muddy road and were afraid they would not get out. Joseph came and pulled them out of the mud, cleaned off their shoes, and wiped the tears from their faces.

Artist, Clark Kelley Price

© 1997 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

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