The Honored Title Father a Father’s Day Poem

The honored title, Father, means much to me

As I ponder my eternal family.

Rightly and first is God, in Heaven above.

I am His child, born of Him, in Spirit and love.

Next, is the Father and creator of Earth.

Who, through the Atonement, taught us our worth.

The next might surprise you. It is Adam.

For, his life spent fallen, brought about all man.

Still there are more before I get to my own.

There is Noah, whose arc saved all life, alone.

Then, there is Abraham and the covenant of his seed.

His children outnumber the sands of the sea.

I can’t forget the one who adopted the Lord of us all.

For, upon his shoulders was the greatest call!

Speaking of callings, there is one in this ward

Who helps me stay clean, as in life I move forward

Finally, there is you, the Father of me.

Without whom I would not ever be.

Thank you for preparing me for a good life

As to my father-in-law, I treasure the words: man and wife

Thank you dear fathers, you’ve led me and taught.

More than words can say, I love you A LOT!

For a father is the one whom without we would be naught.

A father is to be treasured and his wisdom sought.

Now, in your own heart, is there anyone that I forgot?

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