The Atonement

I used this handout with 2 Nephi 9:1-26.

The Atonement

What does the phrase “infinite atonement” mean? His Atonement is infinite—without an end.  It was also infinite in that all humankind would be saved from never-ending death. It was infinite in terms of His immense suffering. It was infinite in time, putting an end to the preceding prototype of animal sacrifice. It was infinite in scope—it was to be done once for all.  And the mercy of the Atonement extends not only to an infinite number of people, but also to an infinite number of worlds created by Him.   It was infinite beyond any human scale of measurement or mortal comprehension.

“Jesus was the only one who could offer such an infinite atonement, since He was born of a mortal mother and an immortal Father. Because of that unique birthright, Jesus was an infinite Being” ( Elder Russell M. Nelson,“The Atonement,” Ensign, Nov. 1996, 35).

State in your own words what Jacob taught about how we can be saved from the “awful monster” of death and hell:

Select lines from the hymn “I Stand All Amazed” (Hymns, 193) and copy lines below that reflect your feelings about the Savior and his atoning sacrifice. Write a short statement that describes why you chose these phrases, OR

skim 2 Nephi 9:1-22, and read all the verses that begin with the word “O”.  Copy any phrases that describe your feelings about the atonement below. Write a short statement that describes why you choose those phrases.  You might begin with “O” and end with an exclamation mark as did Jacob.



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