Thank You for the Primary Presentation

Last year our Young Women group made little awards for the kids who participated in the Primary Presentation.  This year we are doing the same thing, and I made little Thank You slips for the girls to color.

This slip says, “Thank you for teaching us to choose the right during the Primary Presentation!”  On the ones I did for our ward, I also added “Love, Hartwood Young Women”.  You could do the same for your unit by adding the text in Photoshop.  If you aren’t computer design savvy,  you could print a copy, handwrite the thank you, and then photocopy the sheet with your writing on it.  (My handwriting is too awful for the latter option!)

We will color these handouts during mutual tonight, and pass them on to the Primary for distribution  I don’t think this activity will take us all evening, so we will fill any extra time playing Froggy Murder.

During the Primary Presentation, we will fill out some comment cards that the Primary President found online.   They let us write in our favorite song and when we felt the spirit during the program.


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